A partner focused on your success.

Trustworthy Partner

We will make your job easier. Since 1980, we have built long term relationships with clients. We understand their challenges and seamlessly provide talent that fulfill their needs.

Excellent Value

Our transparent pay model attracts the best resources in the market, and our low margins ensure that, as a client you are working with the best talent that your prescribed rates can deliver.

Quality Consultants

We will make you look good. We have developed an exceptional network of consultants with diverse skills and cross-industry experience. Our consultants are vetted, experienced and make an immediate, positive impact.

Our Process

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Send us an email. Give us a call. We’ll come to your office, learn about your business and strive to understand your needs.

We are local to the Puget Sound region, and know the best way to learn about a company is to meet the people who work there face to face.

Thanks to the network of consultants that we have developed over the years, we are confident that we can partner with you to ease pain points and help you move forward faster.

Interested in finding the best resources in the Puget Sound area?

 Our business development team would love to meet with you!

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Trustworthy Partner

We make your job easier

Our experienced team supports you:

Murphy & Associates has been in business since 1980, as a privately-held, family-run business. Over the years, we have benefitted from exceptional employee retention. Our support staff is seasoned and knowledgeable; many of them have been working with us for over ten years, so they understand the local market and share our belief in conducting business transparently. As a client you can be assured that, when you partner with us, you will have the support of an experienced and professional team.

The talent you need in the form you want:

Murphy & Associates offers three types of services

Consulting Talent – Our full disclosure consulting model attracts the top talent interested in working on an hourly time & material basis.

Direct Hire - Our extensive network, deep expertise, and diverse talent pool provides an opportunity for you to build your team with the highest quality technology and business talent

Managed Service – Our experience building productive and reliable teams gives you confidence to outsource your technical and business needs in a managed service model

We adapt to your processes:

Murphy & Associates has developed a robust, proprietary system to run our company operations. We built in flexibility that enables us to respond and adapt to the way our clients do business, not the other way around. We defer to the client's time-reporting processes and send invoices on a schedule and format that works with your process. If you need visibility into performance or budget line items, we can quickly provide ad-hoc reports.

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Excellent Value

We will give you great value

We hide nothing:

Murphy and Associates’ full disclosure policy and low-margin model allows us to deliver exceptional value to our clients. Our transparent way of doing business attracts top-tier consultants. People that have worked with us in the past know that we pay a higher percentage of their bill rate than our competitors, which is why so many of them have worked multiple assignments with us over the decades. Our clients benefit because they know that, given a budget or prescribed hourly rate, we can offer the best talent available.

We save you time:

We know that our clients are busy, so we strive to save time for our clients by proposing only vetted and qualified candidates. In all of our interactions, we maintain complete transparency with both clients and potential clients, thereby pre-emptively removing many of the snags that can bog down the hiring process.

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Quality Consultants

We will make you look good

Our network delivers

Over the past three and a half decades, we have worked with over 150 Puget Sound companies and employed nearly 2000 consultants. Through reputation and word of mouth, we have been fortunate enough to attract much of the best talent in the Puget Sound. Our longevity and transparent model give us, and our clients, a distinct advantage.

We get it right the first time, or make it right

We offer consulting services that address a broad range of technical and business needs, from testing, to development to project management. We work with you to understand your business and the specific requirements of a role. Time is a valuable commodity; we'll provide the first level of screening and focus on finding the right match. We also stay engaged with clients during the course of an assignment to assess progress and performance, and if needed, we can make adjustments quickly.

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