The more you share, the more you have to share.

Murphy & Associates has had the privilege of providing technology and business consulting services to over 150 diverse clients in the greater Seattle area since 1980. Through the years we've seen the industry and engagement models change. We've adapted to new technologies and methodologies in order to meet the needs of our client's growth and evolving business strategies.

We also take great pride in our full disclosure model which attracts top tier, local talent. We are transparent with our employees. Our business model fosters loyalty, satisfaction and consistent delivery of quality services from the consultants on our team. We enjoy exceptional continuity of internal staff as well. The average tenure is 8 years; many of our staff have had direct experience as consultants during their careers as well. There is no substitute for experience.

Through it all, Murphy & Associates has stayed true to its roots, partnering with highly qualified technology and business consultants and working closely with our clients, fairly and ethically.

Murphy & Associates Team

Our area of Expertise

Our model, history, and reputation allows us to recruit the best talent in the Puget Sound. Within the Murphy & Associates network there is an expansive range of solid technology and business consultants; skill sets in various platforms and technologies.

  • .NET Web and Application Development
  • Business and System Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content Development
  • Data Science and Analysis
  • Graphic Design
  • Java Development
  • Marketing Management
  • Product Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • SharePoint Development and Administration
  • SQL Server Development
  • System Administration
  • Technical Writing
  • Training and Support
  • User Experience
  • Change Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Architecture

Company History

While working as a sales manager, Ray Murphy saw firsthand the inconsistent and unfair compensation models Seattle area consulting and contract firms offered to their employees. Too often, the discrepancy between the bill rate and the pay rate led to unhappy employees and higher turnover rates for clients.

Ray was convinced that a better model was not only possible, but sustainable and so he started Murphy & Associates in 1980. It was a modest beginning with his co-founder, Donna Murphy who was the first full-time consultant. Ray also consulted part-time as the company established its roots.

From the start, Ray followed the advice of his favorite mentor: "The more you share, the more you have to share." Put into action, Murphy & Associates implemented a transparent and predictable business model where consultants not only receive a high percentage of the bill rate, they always know their share upfront. His model has allowed us to consistently attract and retain the best consultants in the area and in turn, our clients gain the benefits of highly qualified consultants at an excellent value.

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