Frequently Asked Questions

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Q&A for Prospective Clients

Murphy & Associates has been in business since 1980, as a privately-held, family-run business. We enjoy exceptional continuity of partner management and support staff. Many of us have been consultants at some point during our careers which directly benefits our clients. We know the business inside and out.

There is no substitute for experience.

Murphy & Associates understands what clients are seeking from a consulting firm. We’ve been through the ups and downs. We've seen the pendulum swing from hiring surges to staffing layoffs. We've watched the consulting landscape change as small firms close their doors or get acquired by large national or international firms.

Through it all, Murphy & Associates has stayed true to its roots, partnering with highly qualified technology and business consultants and working with our clients and consultants, fairly and ethically.

Many of our consultants find us through word of mouth. People like working with Murphy & Associates and refer their friends and coworkers. The reason is simple: we treat our consultants as partners.

Murphy & Associates is a full disclosure firm, which means our consultants always know their bill rate to the client and how the money received from their engagement is allocated between their compensation, our margins, and taxes. We never ask our consultants to sign a non-compete agreement. We want our consultants to stay with us because they want to, not because there's a contractual obligation to do so. When assignments come to a close, we would work with our consultants and the client to ensure a smooth transition. From our perspective, it’s just good business.

Our consultants trust us and remain focused on their assignment. Your assignment.Most of our internal team possess a technology and business background. We bring first-hand experience as consultants within the industry. That helps us identify the strongest candidates for each position – a skill Murphy & Associates is famous for. We always review the details of each role with a candidate, to evaluate technical experience, consulting skills and to make sure they align with expectations of our clients.

No. We know you're busy; we expect that you'll want to consider a few top-notch candidates, and you’ll want to do so quickly.

When you have an opening, Murphy & Associates staff will contact the most highly-qualified consultants with the goal of responding back to you with resumes within 24 hours. If we cannot secure a good fit, we will not send over resumes just to fill a void. Murphy & Associates prides itself on presenting qualified candidates or no candidates at all.

Throughout the process, we provide scheduling support and coordination. We bring expertise in helping clients onboard consultants, and work hard to make sure that we never becomes a bottleneck.

Our focus is to consistently deliver services with exceptional value through skilled consultants at competitive rates. Murphy & Associates doesn’t have a published rate card; instead, we adapt our rates to market conditions and propose service levels that are within client budgets.

Our full disclosure policy and low-margin model allows us to attract a range of exceptional consultants; we pay them well, and our clients gain the benefits of highly qualified consultants at an excellent value.

We work with each client to determine their preference for ongoing communications. Murphy & Associates will not make "follow up" calls that are sales calls in disguise. We don't up-sell, cross-sell or hard-sell.  

We understand that our consultants often play a critical role on your team. We're available to help to assess progress and performance and make adjustments if needed. If the engagement is successful, we know from experience that we'll be considered for future opportunities.

Absolutely. Our mission is to make your job easier.

Murphy & Associates has developed a custom system to run our company operations. We built in enormous flexibility that enables us to respond and adapt to the way our clients do business, not the other way around.

We defer to the client's time-reporting policies and procedures. We send invoices on a schedule and format that works with your process. We provide ad-hoc reports upon request and in a timely manner.

No. Over the years, Murphy & Associates has greatly benefited from word-of-mouth and solid referrals. We've built our reputation on placing skilled consultants on assignment with our clients. We welcome referrals, but we do not pay referral fees. There are two reasons for our policy:

  1. We need to protect the integrity of the referral. We want people to refer their friends and co-workers to us because they believe in our company, not to make extra cash.
  2. We want our consultants to stay focused on their assignment, not work part-time as a Murphy & Associates recruiter. That's good for our reputation, and for your project.

Q&A for Prospective Consultants

Yes, always. Murphy & Associates is a full disclosure firm, which means you always know how much we bill for your time. Starting with our first meeting and continuing on with each pay stub, we share with you where every penny goes – total billings, your compensation, our margins, and taxes.

Full disclosure firms are not common, but we believe it’s the fairest and smartest way to do business. Full disclosure builds trust between you and Murphy & Associates; trust helps create a long-term relationship, which profits you and us.

No. Murphy & Associates will never ask you to sign a non-compete agreement. We believe that consultants are partners in our business and restricting work options doesn't serve the partnership. We want you to stay with us because you like working with us – not because of a contractual obligation.

We feel so strongly about non-compete agreements, we recommend that you carefully review employment documents with other firms before signing as well. Too often, we see non-compete clauses can restrict employment opportunities. If you contest the language, most firms will remove or significantly narrow the scope of any restrictions.

Murphy & Associates has created a benefits program with choice and flexibility in mind. We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to benefits.

For your Health

Murphy & Associates is committed to offering a comprehensive and flexible program to meet the insurance needs of our employees and their families. We offer multiple medical plans at various price points, voluntary dental and vision coverage, and access to a health advocacy and care team.

For our benefit offering, we have implemented a Premium Only Plan (POP) which allows payroll deductions for health insurance to be made on a pre-tax basis; lowering the net cost.

Saving for the Future

All Murphy & Associates employees have the option to participate in our 401(k) program on a pre-tax basis. Our plan is administered through EPIC Advisors offering a core menu of 20 different mutual funds.


Flexibility and choice is the focus our PTO (paid time off) program. Some clients and cities set the minimum bar on days per year, but our employees decide on how their PTO funds accrue and are distributed. In our program, there's never a risk of use it or lose it; your PTO funds are yours, no matter what.

Company Events

Murphy & Associates hosts several events each year that have included happy hour networking, family picnics, Mariners game with BBQ, river rafting, and golf tournaments. One of our most anticipated and well-attended events is our annual holiday party for employees and their partners. It's an evening to celebrate the contributions and successes of the past year with food, drink and entertainment.

Continuing Education & Training

Murphy & Associates maintains an online training subscription with, which provides access to over 3000 courses and a great opportunity to enhance both technical and non-technical skills. If employees take formal education courses or seek out certifications that are applicable to employment, we also offer the option to run education expenses through payroll on a pre-tax basis.

Over the years, Murphy & Associates has greatly benefited from word-of-mouth and solid referrals. We appreciate referrals, but we do not pay referral fees. There are two reasons for our policy:

  1. It's important to us to protect the integrity of the referral. We want people to refer their friends and co-workers to us because they believe in our company, not to make extra cash.
  2. We want consultants to stay focused on their assignment, not work part-time as a Murphy & Associates recruiter. It's good for our reputation, and for the project.

Murphy & Associates receives a steady stream of opportunities from a variety of companies in the greater Seattle area. When we receive new positions, we'll evaluate the requirements of the role against the input that you've provided to us. We'll present opportunities for your review that align with your background, skills, and employment goals. We'll never submit your resume to clients without your permission. Our goal is to help you find the right match.

In some cases, consultants come to us after they are already found a position and are seeking a firm to represent them. We'd welcome the opportunity to partner with you and help secure the placement.

Yes. We check-in with our consultants frequently to ensure lines of communication stay open and any issues are addressed in a timely fashion. We also rotate through our entire roster of consultants as part of our monthly check in process. We want to make sure the assignment is going smoothly and it's a great way for you to meet everyone on our management and partner team.

We're also just a phone call or e-mail away. When you contact us, our goal is to be responsive and address issues quickly.

No. However, we do have clients that require their positions are filled with W-2 employees. If the engagement allows corp to corp or 1099 arrangements and you have your own business established, we are happy to review placement options with you.